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Saturday, July 30, 2005

is this a joke?

Well, seeing as everyone else ripped the anti-sims movement apart without my help, I'll just restate that THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS GAME THAT CAN'T BE DONE WITH A BLOODY BARBIE AND KEN DOLL SET.

that is all.

oh, yea, lookie what I found. Seems Mr. Thompson makes a career outta this sorta thing.

And while you're shaking your head at that crap, check out the "Media and the Family" link on the bottom. They're even worse. "Video Game Addiction"? Please. Stop parking your kids in front of the TV if it bothers you that much, idiots. And don't even get me started on the petition against violent video games--I say that if they ever manage to petition somebody's freedom of expression out of existence, we should petition THEIRS.


Blogger Nick Haw said...

yah thats where i found his email address

11:39 PM


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