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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Its Just A Scapegoat

Video games are society's scapegoats. Politicians don't institute policies that could prevent many of the things that can be prevented, and instead, blame it on video games. Its happened all through the past century, at least. Comic books, music, television, movies, and now video games are being put to blame for what our politicians do not control. The politicians spread it through the media, which gets ratings for giving the masses what they want, a scapegoat, a way to say that its not their fault, but someone elses. There is no way to stop it, because as soon as people believe that one thing isn't evil, as is said, they start to blame something else, unless the politicians do something, which of course they won't. Instead of creating ways that pedophiles stay off the streets, they blame it on video games. Instead of stopping killings, they say the killers learned it from GTA. The only thing we can do is to create ways that those who did/do crimes dont do them, or dont do them again, not to blame it on something.


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