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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Sims 2

OK, now this is where these ppls are just suriously lookin for anything they can hit on. I mean suriously the sims 2. Ok, first of all, your mind just doesnt randomly ask itself, "Hey, i wonder if i can remove the blurr on the sims 2?". Theres no mention of it on maxis website (as of before this occured, havent checked it in since i read that story on it), so youd pretty must haveta look it up. Which brings me to think that mayb this dude Jack Thompson wanted this nude patch. I mean even the cheat code(you can ask Bobby about this, trust me on that) doesnt show any of the things Thompson said it did:
"In the statement, Thompson says, "Sims 2, the latest version of the Sims video game franchise ... contains, according to video game news sites, full frontal nudity, including nipples, penises, labia, and pubic hair.""

Now im not dumb, i kno that modders can make a nude patch that would show this, but that raises a few questions,"1. Why would you download it?, and 2. Instead of going after the gaming company itself, why not shut down the modders site instead, or at least set the site blocker on google and yahoo to not show the nude patches?"

The only reason that i can really think of to download a nude patch that shows true nudity is, well, there perverted. And yes, lil eight year old jimmy might just be a pervert, that's not EA's fault. But wait, u ask, what if jimmys 18 year old bro dloaded the patch instead, and jimmys just playing it. Still not the gaming companys fault dude. If its jimmy's bros persional comp, then his bro should take the responsiblilty and take off the patch before hes lets him play on his comp. And if Jimmy knos his bros password, then well, idkno what to tell you. the comps needed to play the sims 2 arent very expensive, so jimmy should have some other comp to play on, and if he does and he still goes on his bros comp, then hes just a pervert. You can use shock treatment to try to stop him if you want, buts thats all i can really say.

The second question kinda answers itself i think. Suriously, parent's need to take some responsiblity and set limits to what there kids can and cannot do. Google sets its DEFAULT to not show this stuff. If the kids change it to get this stuff, then see above.

Thompson's other augument was about child nudity, but uh, still goes with the above. I mean suriously, like chris said there only doing this for the publicity. They look at some top selling games, and try to find something wrong with them, and that sets in a mindset that maybe that could be wrong, and ill look like a moral hero. The thing is, these ppls mighta been the same hippies that let there sexual freedom ride (im not hating on hippies, caus i kinda m 1). Im tired 2, so im outta here


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