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Monday, August 08, 2005

Hey, cool

well someone at CBS has the right idea

oh, yeah, and check out ctrl+alt+del--his latest rant/comic are quite nice

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Oh, this is beautiful

you simply must read this. read it all, from beginning to end, i implore you. it is hysterical. scott is my new hero.

Monday, August 01, 2005


So yea, this kinda uhhhh, does stuff, but yea.

OK, see the thing is, violence will NEVER go away. No matter how hard anybody tries, it wont. Its kinda ironic really, because its stuff like this that incites the violence. People trying to oppress, to make the world what they want it to be. I kno u guys already kno that, but still. O yea, that thing on Chris's link said that a study by harvard(so by giving that name, you cant question it) saided that adolesents's brains are damaged by a steady stream of violent images. But uhhhh, this kinda steady stream has been goin for a long time. Lets see, the coloseum,sparta, most of the middle ages, the barbarain invasions, conquest of the americas, various wars, the expansion westward (to an extent), the french revolution, ect. so im wondering, when wasnt there a time when ppls were exposed to violence. It nature, not even human, but just nature itself to be like this. so yea.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

is this a joke?

Well, seeing as everyone else ripped the anti-sims movement apart without my help, I'll just restate that THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS GAME THAT CAN'T BE DONE WITH A BLOODY BARBIE AND KEN DOLL SET.

that is all.

oh, yea, lookie what I found. Seems Mr. Thompson makes a career outta this sorta thing.

And while you're shaking your head at that crap, check out the "Media and the Family" link on the bottom. They're even worse. "Video Game Addiction"? Please. Stop parking your kids in front of the TV if it bothers you that much, idiots. And don't even get me started on the petition against violent video games--I say that if they ever manage to petition somebody's freedom of expression out of existence, we should petition THEIRS.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Its Just A Scapegoat

Video games are society's scapegoats. Politicians don't institute policies that could prevent many of the things that can be prevented, and instead, blame it on video games. Its happened all through the past century, at least. Comic books, music, television, movies, and now video games are being put to blame for what our politicians do not control. The politicians spread it through the media, which gets ratings for giving the masses what they want, a scapegoat, a way to say that its not their fault, but someone elses. There is no way to stop it, because as soon as people believe that one thing isn't evil, as is said, they start to blame something else, unless the politicians do something, which of course they won't. Instead of creating ways that pedophiles stay off the streets, they blame it on video games. Instead of stopping killings, they say the killers learned it from GTA. The only thing we can do is to create ways that those who did/do crimes dont do them, or dont do them again, not to blame it on something.

Monday, July 25, 2005

The Sims 2, Next in Line?

If you don't already know news has been flying across the internet that the next target for the anti gaming community. This attack is being spearheaded by a Miami attorney by the name of Jack Thompson. Jack (as he shall be referred to as) was also one of the head members in the fight against GTA along side with Hillary Clinton. As stated by, Thompson's next target doesn't have any guns, carjackings, or prostitutes. Jack is fighting against EA under the loose claim that it is possible to remove "the blur" and expose the your characters in a lude manner. But EA strongly says that "even if" you could remove "the blur" there would be nothing but a characters resembling a Barbie or Ken doll. Just so every one knows I am a fan of the GTA series, I do believe there was a bit more basis on there attack against gta but right now the Sims 2? Seriously, most of the time your sleeping, cooking food, cleaning up after him because he doesn't understand the concept of a toilet, or working. Most of the time there isn't time to have a shower and there is only a brief moment of so call nudity that last at most 2 seconds. If you want to email Mr, Jack Thompson here you go his email address:

For More info on the attack on the sims click here

Nicholas Haw

The Sims 2

OK, now this is where these ppls are just suriously lookin for anything they can hit on. I mean suriously the sims 2. Ok, first of all, your mind just doesnt randomly ask itself, "Hey, i wonder if i can remove the blurr on the sims 2?". Theres no mention of it on maxis website (as of before this occured, havent checked it in since i read that story on it), so youd pretty must haveta look it up. Which brings me to think that mayb this dude Jack Thompson wanted this nude patch. I mean even the cheat code(you can ask Bobby about this, trust me on that) doesnt show any of the things Thompson said it did:
"In the statement, Thompson says, "Sims 2, the latest version of the Sims video game franchise ... contains, according to video game news sites, full frontal nudity, including nipples, penises, labia, and pubic hair.""

Now im not dumb, i kno that modders can make a nude patch that would show this, but that raises a few questions,"1. Why would you download it?, and 2. Instead of going after the gaming company itself, why not shut down the modders site instead, or at least set the site blocker on google and yahoo to not show the nude patches?"

The only reason that i can really think of to download a nude patch that shows true nudity is, well, there perverted. And yes, lil eight year old jimmy might just be a pervert, that's not EA's fault. But wait, u ask, what if jimmys 18 year old bro dloaded the patch instead, and jimmys just playing it. Still not the gaming companys fault dude. If its jimmy's bros persional comp, then his bro should take the responsiblilty and take off the patch before hes lets him play on his comp. And if Jimmy knos his bros password, then well, idkno what to tell you. the comps needed to play the sims 2 arent very expensive, so jimmy should have some other comp to play on, and if he does and he still goes on his bros comp, then hes just a pervert. You can use shock treatment to try to stop him if you want, buts thats all i can really say.

The second question kinda answers itself i think. Suriously, parent's need to take some responsiblity and set limits to what there kids can and cannot do. Google sets its DEFAULT to not show this stuff. If the kids change it to get this stuff, then see above.

Thompson's other augument was about child nudity, but uh, still goes with the above. I mean suriously, like chris said there only doing this for the publicity. They look at some top selling games, and try to find something wrong with them, and that sets in a mindset that maybe that could be wrong, and ill look like a moral hero. The thing is, these ppls mighta been the same hippies that let there sexual freedom ride (im not hating on hippies, caus i kinda m 1). Im tired 2, so im outta here

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Welcome to Return Fire

Recently, thanks largely to the GTA "Hot Coffee" scandal, the gaming industry has come under fire once again and is taking political flak from all sides, a large chunk of which is invalidate and just plain wrong.

First of all, all opinions expressed here are just that, opinions, and its possible we wont always be 100% accurate (hey, we're human, we make mistakes). And, for that matter, all individual opinions are just that, individual, and may not even reflect the opinions of other posters.

Now that that's cleared up

The purpose of Return Fire is to provide gamers at least some small corner where their opinions might be heard. The media and politicians portray games as some mind-warping demon-spawn that'll snatch your babies from their cribs, and frankly we're getting tired of the BS.

Here's my personal two cents.

First of all, I'm not going to defend GTA or Rockstar Games (makers of Grand Theft Auto). They hid content from the ESRB and have landed the entire industry in hot water, not for the first time. They sell their games by shock factor, and while I know some people love their stuff, I personally am getting sick of watching them hurt games as a whole just so they can stir up some publicity. They get what they deserve.

Things have gotten out of hand. Take, for example, one Sen. Schumer, who caused a good deal of ruckus a litte while ago over a game called "25 to Life," which, oh by the way, hadn't even been released at the time (and, for that matter, I don't even think it's out now). If memory serves, his argument was that the game revolves around gang warfare and the like, and "Little Jhonny should be learning to read, not kill cops."

I have several gripes with this.

Number One: Mr. Schumer is passing judgement on something that isn't even out yet. For that matter, I doubt Mr. Schumer has ever even held a controller.

Number Two: I hate to say it, but the last time I heard "25 to Life," in addition to having gang characters, also allowed you to PLAY AS cops and crack down on criminals. Convienient how that little detail was left out of the holier-than-thow escipades.

Number Three: Where did "little Johnny" even get this game (assuming, for a second, that it was actually on the shelves in the first place)? Legally, Mature or "M" rated games shouldn't even be sold to a minor without parental consent. And that "M" appears in, count 'em, three places MINIMUM on the packaging and game disc, with detailed explanations of the game content on the back of the case AS WELL as explanations of all the ratings plastered all over the display cases of most major retailers. I hate to break it to all the soccer moms that love to rampage over this stuff, but if your "Little Johnny" is playing this game and being "corrupted," its because you, the parent, gave it to him. Say it with me now. "P-A-R-E-N-T." We'll be coming back to this term, for those that don't seem to get it:
You, as this child's parent, had to buy these violent, offensive, or otherwise M-rated games for your kid. Or, at the very least, you lived in the same house and didn't notice when "Little Johnny" brought it home and started playing on that fifteenth TV you got for his room so you didn't have to have him in your hair, god forbid. And then, you, the parent, become enraged when the media or a politician or a lawyer tell you that your little angel has become tainted, but don't worry, if you watch our newscast/vote for me/support my legal case we'll make it all better and you will be free of responsibility.

Wake up, people. Whatever happened to, you know, raising your kids? You know what, maybe you wouldn't even have to worry about these nasty, evil, hell-spawned (and, hey, rich, can you say "lawsuit"?) video game companies if you'd just raised your kid to know that killing is bad. Yes, I know parenting is a difficult job, and no, no one is perfect, but come on, this should be basic child rearing here! Let's go back in time and bring back that lovely idea of accepting responsibility here!

Which brings me to point two. Why, oh why, does the general public always always always fall for the same ploy? "Tell everyone their children are being corrupt, but its not their fault, and they beg for your help." Let's review. Comic books? Rot your brain. But no one cared once rock music became the all corrupting evil. And what was next? I forget, was it the violent movie hype or was rap music next? And then it was TV, but no one cares about that anymore, as long as we all get our HBO. And then what, were movies back in the spotlight for a bit again? And then it was video games.

The media blows these things out of proportion for the same reason they tell me something new is killing me every week--people tune in and eat it up. Politicians do it because it gets them votes from the well-meaning yet underinformed masses. And then there's the occasional laywer who gets in on things--a good lawsuit never hurt anyone (as long as we win), right?

I could rant on this forever, but this is the first post and I should really leave some for later. In closing, video games are the newest scapegoat to enrage the masses and generate ratings/votes/etc. Again, I am NOT defending Rockstar games--they played dirty and it bit them in the rear again, and frankly I think they deserve it. But I hate standing by and watching the whole industry taking fire for one group of idiots.

That's my rant for the moment. If I remember then maybe next time I'll start ripping apart that guy who started attacking "The Sims" as being a "pedophile's paradise" the other day.

But I need sleep now.