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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Sims 2, Next in Line?

If you don't already know news has been flying across the internet that the next target for the anti gaming community. This attack is being spearheaded by a Miami attorney by the name of Jack Thompson. Jack (as he shall be referred to as) was also one of the head members in the fight against GTA along side with Hillary Clinton. As stated by, Thompson's next target doesn't have any guns, carjackings, or prostitutes. Jack is fighting against EA under the loose claim that it is possible to remove "the blur" and expose the your characters in a lude manner. But EA strongly says that "even if" you could remove "the blur" there would be nothing but a characters resembling a Barbie or Ken doll. Just so every one knows I am a fan of the GTA series, I do believe there was a bit more basis on there attack against gta but right now the Sims 2? Seriously, most of the time your sleeping, cooking food, cleaning up after him because he doesn't understand the concept of a toilet, or working. Most of the time there isn't time to have a shower and there is only a brief moment of so call nudity that last at most 2 seconds. If you want to email Mr, Jack Thompson here you go his email address:

For More info on the attack on the sims click here

Nicholas Haw


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